Our Temporary Duck Pond

So, the ducks stayed the night and played in our pool on Sunday. Overnight, we could see that the ducklings were just a little larger than they were the night before. Mama duck still wanted her babies to get out of the pool at the spot near where the nest was located so we built a new ramp and they seemed to like that much better. However, once we did that we noticed that while Mama Duck could do it that the duckings were too small to jump over some low bricks to get into the back corner of the yard.

So we took the pavers from the platform we had made the day before and made a little brick stairway that the ducklings could use to hop up. The ducklings didn’t go near it during the day and huddled under mama before the sun went down for a good night’s sleep, but they must have used it overnight.

In the middle of the night – or perhaps the wee hours of the morning – I thought I heard the ducklings. They make a sort of chirping noise rather than a quack. It was still dark and I fell back asleep but there were no sign of the ducks when we all got up.

They’ve been gone ever since. We’re both relieved and a little sad that our little duck family opted to move.


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