meaningful colors

On Monday, my 6 year old daughter was frustrated that after a bath with her little sister and little sister got the blue towel and I tried to give her a gray towel. She cried out that she hated gray. “Gray is the color of hateful! and blue is the color of beauty!”

It was such a striking comment for her to make. She is normally not the poetic sort. I pulled out another towel – dark blue (her sister had a lighter blue) – and it turned out that dark blue is the color of deepest beauty.

Today, she mentioned to me that blue is beautiful and hot pink is the color of love.

I asked her if they were associating color with feelings at school. No, she said. She got it from the Lantern Corp.

ah, comics. Her colors don’t always correspond to the colors of Green Lantern and his friends, but she got the idea from the character and ran with it.

I forgot what color she told me laughter is.


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