big kid writing

While I was cooking, my three year old found one of my pens on the kitchen counter and asked if I could write. I gave her a little red memo book, but when she takes the book from me, she says, “Mommy, write words for me.”

I thumb through the book, looking for a blank page. “What would you like me to write?”

“A pilot fish is a shark’s friend.”

I write it down.

“Mommy, you’re not writing the right letters! The letters should be connected.”

“Oh, do you mean cursive?” I write the sentence a second time in cursive. “There. ‘A pilot fish is a shark’s friend.'”

“No, Mommy.” Her voice is impatient. “You didn’t write what I said.”

“Yes, I did. These are grown up letters.” I’m still not sure what she wants.

“Like this.” She takes the pen in her hand and draws a squiggly line with sharp peaks and valleys. “That’s how you write like a big kid.”



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